• 3D Property

You get higher returns when you give prospective purchasers a clear picture of your development. At Urhouze, we create realistic exterior property CGI’s that perfectly depict properties in 3D format and help your prospective buyers to visualise what the property will exactly look like. We are at the forefront of adopting the latest technology to create precise and high-clarity property images.

With high quality exterior property CGI from URHOUZE, you can eliminate a lot of guesswork from speculative property development. In fact, you can also secure a good flow of capital investment from prospective buyers in the early stages of property development.

  • 3D Interior Stunning photo-realistic imagery to showcase your property from the inside. High quality Interior CGI’s to add another dimension to your marketing material. Perspective purchasers always want to visualise what the internal spaces will look like. Interior CGI’s can be used to show a kitchen, bathroom, or a particular feature such as a vaulted ceiling. Allowing purchasers to view glossy photographic images of the interior of your development will help them visualise living there.
  • 3D Animation and Axonometric Models

We offer the best property CGI’s and 3D walkthroughs at affordable prices. High quality property CGI’s and animations should play a major role in your marketing plans, when it comes to selling properties. These graphics help in providing prospective buyers a ‘feel’ of the property, which is especially useful for new builds or unfinished properties. Instead of imagining the structure based on 2D drawings, prospective buyers can see and visualise what the finished property will look like in 3D format, thereby giving you a huge marketing advantage.

  • Layout documentations: floor plans and elevations
  • Interior design services

We start work on the project with a meeting and conversation about the investor’s needs. We select style and functional solutions so that the interior meets the investor’s expectations, and at the same time is fresh, inspiring and beautiful. All elements are consulted with the client and the equipment is selected together, while the designer also refines the proposal in terms of the final space decoration. The full project includes:

• functional arrangement (flat drawings);

• conceptual design – from the so-called moodboard, a collection of ideas and inspirations;

• photorealistic visualizations of individual rooms;

• selection and valuation of all materials used in the project, provided in the form of convenient to use and legible combinations;

• technical drawings (containing, among others, drawings of carpentry furniture), on the basis of which contractors implement the project.

  • Furniture modelling

With the industry increasingly moving to online rather than physical showrooms, furniture CGI has become an invaluable replacement for traditional photography.

Furniture can now be 3D scanned to provide 100 percent accuracy. Materials and fabrics are recreated so accurately, our furniture CGI is indistinguishable from photography.